Bamboo Plate, Bowl, and Spoon Set- Green - Babba box

Bamboo Plate, Bowl, and Spoon Set- Green

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ach dish has been expertly crafted from natural bamboo fibres, providing incredible strength and resilience while also enjoying all the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of the bamboo plant. Perfectly designed for meals at all times of day, the segmented design of this plate allows you to keep foods separated for easy feeding, while the heat-resistant properties of bamboo keeps tiny fingers protected should they reach out and touch the sides.

The star of this particular culinary show, however, is the large "stay put" suction cup - attach to the base of your plate, press down onto the table top or high chair, and relax as the dish remains firmly fixed in place.

This includes a personalised plate, bowl, and spoon.